The Dirigo Incubator

“There is no cause more urgent, no dedication more fitting than to protect the future of our species. Nearly all of our problems are made by humans and can be solved by humans. No social conventions, no political system, no economic hypothesis, and no religious dogma is more important”
~ Carl Sagan: Billions & Billions

“I believe it is the duty of every man to act as though the fate of the world depends on them. Surely no one man can do it all. But, one man CAN make a difference.”
~ H. G. Rickover

We have reached a fork in the road – either we terminate our support of fossil fuels or our planet will realign itself to terminate its support of the human race.

The recent Cosmos TV series pointed out that the greenhouse effect changed Venus from a benign sister of Earth to a planet that cannot support life as we know it on Earth.

The recent increase in carbon dioxide levels might generate a greenhouse effect with positive feedback mechanisms that will lead to a disastrous Point of No Return in which runaway climate change in the near term (100 years?) will soon emulate the conditions on Venus and make Earth inhospitable for human life.

The Dirigo (deer uh go – meaning “I Lead”) Incubator, or TDI, will use the above counsel from Dr. Sagan and Admiral Rickover to start up a network of franchise businesses and nonprofit organizations designed to correct not only our immediate global warming problem but also others with time frames extending into many thousands of years.


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